Live EP - Recorded LIVE 2015 (CD)


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live EP, bluejazz with six original songs, recorded October 2015 at Steinway of Nashville recital hall, engineered by Nathan Smith of mainframe studios in Nashville Tennessee.

This EP is completely live and nothing has been changed in my voice, I sound as if I am in the room with you. The only thing that has been changed is the musicians have been slightly mixed. Each track on this EP is a complete take, there is no punching in and even more exciting we never even knew each other until the day before -we had one three hour rehearsal. Each track was recorded no more than three times.

This romantic EP will have you wanting to hold your loved one just a little bit closer and sway to the music. Every song has been written from real life experience. Recently a friend told me that he felt I had lived five lifetimes already, it is that experience I share with you so intimately and so bravely.


Training Wheels Album (CD)


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12 track country album 


all orginal music

written by Jeannette Porrazzo